About Us

About The Pie Fund

The Pie Fund was created to make quality cancer-related veterinary treatments available to companion animals in the northeast (NY, CT, NJ) when their people cannot otherwise afford it.  Focusing on pets with cancer, grants are made in cases where medical intervention has a good probability of increasing the length or quality of time that people and their animals have together, and where there is genuine financial need.  The Pie Fund is a recognized 501c3 charitable organization and all donations are tax-deductible.

Quality Care Can Be Expensive

Advances in veterinary medicine have paralleled those in human medicine.  And, like all medical care, the costs for cutting-edge care have been increasing steadily.  Even in affluent areas, caring pet owners are forced to weigh the cost of treating a cherished animal against the potential benefits.  With professional guidance, we look for cases where surgery, chemotherapy or medication could make a real difference, but the cost is out of reach.

Our Founder: Pie

The Fund is named for Pie, a West Highland White Terrier who lived with Lynn and Marc Wunderman.  Despite experiencing lymphoma and then pancreatic cancer, Pie enjoyed an excellent quality of life and she lived a normal lifespan.  This was only possible because she received first-rate veterinary care throughout both illnesses.  Pie’s people and a group of friends recognized that the cost of care could easily have been out of reach for a less fortunate family, and they created the Fund in Pie’s memory as a way of helping others.

Our Partners

The Pie Fund is proud to work in cooperation with several other fine veterinary and animal health organizations.  Read more

What A Donation Pays For

All of the administrative, legal and accounting costs incurred by the Fund are paid by the founders so that 100% of every dollar donated goes for medical care. If you are considering making a donation or if you are seeking assistance with costs for veterinary care, you can contact us by phone at 203-664-1531 or via e-mail at info@piefund.org.

Checks can be mailed to:

Pie Fund
11 Topstone Road, Redding, CT  06896
(203) 664-1531