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Now that you know a little about what we do, won’t you consider making a donation to the Pie Fund right now?   We regularly have more pets in need of life-saving medical care than we have funds available for grants.

Advances in medicine make it possible to do so much for animals with cancer.  But quality care, surgery and medication can quickly go beyond the ability to pay for even the most caring owners.

A modest donation could pay for one session of chemo, could cover the cost of prescribed medication, or help offset the burden of life-saving but expensive surgery for someone’s beloved animal.

If you truly understand the special bond between people and their pets you can do something right now to help someone keep a companion by their side.

Remember that because the Fund‚’s founders pay for all legal and administrative costs and for all expenses including the cost of this website, 100% of every dollar you donate will go toward an animal’s desperately needed medical treatment.

Please make a donation today so we don’t have to turn away another deserving pet owner.  Looking to make a memorial or a tribute donation?  Click here.

Online Donations

You may make a secure donation online using any major credit card. All donations are processed using PayPal with advanced encryption and security technology.

Or You Can Send A Check To:

Pie Fund
11 Topstone Road
Redding, CT 06896