High-Tech Doggie Gizmos

PetChatz, iFetch, Tagg – it appears Silicon Valley start-ups have stumbled upon the lucrative pet category.  In the past month there have been three articles in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal exploring the latest techno-gadgetry designed to pamper Fido and further the human-canine connection.

A few examples:

  • iCPooch – WiFi-enabled dog-treat dispenser, activated by an app on the owner’s smartphone.
  • iFetch – Offers high-intensity playtime by launching mini tennis balls loaded by the dog when the owner is away.
  • Whistle – Like a Fitbit for dogs, it measures dog activity; stats are sent via WiFi to a smartphone app.
  • PetChatz – Multi-sensory Skype-like wall device facilitates interaction between dog and owner, including treat and scent dispenser.
  • DogTV – 24-hour television channel geared to entertain lonely dogs.
  • DogVacay – Airbnb for dogs; connects pet owners and dog hosts/sitters.
  • Feed and Go – Rotating trays to dispense food, water, treats and medication; plays messages and has a webcam.

But wait, there’s more!  Wisdom Panel will provide DNA-based insights on your dog’s pedigree through an at-home administered kit.  Want to know if Fido is truly a “Renaissance Dog” or a “Maverick”?  Dognition will evaluate your dog’s cognitive skills through a web-based testing service.  And there are apps that encourage dogs to doodle, answer yes/no questions and take selfies using your smartphone – no kidding!

So if you’ve ever had an idea for monetizing the lucrative market of pet owners, now may be a ripe time to explore it.  Looks like there’s plenty of funding out there for keeping Fido happy and healthy!

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