BoomerBoomer is a 7-year old Pitbull diagnosed with a T-cell lymphoma in his spleen.

He was placed on an aggressive treatment plan of weekly chemo for 6 to 10 weeks.  Following his initial treatments, Boomer responded really well. He’s gained weight, his labs are good, and he’s clinically in remission.

Boomer’s owner found him in the middle of the street at 3 weeks old.  He immediately picked up on the back pain from her disability and started helping her with everyday tasks.  She says,“He took care of me, and now he’ll have nothing but the best!”

His owner applied to several other funds but was told by each one that they are totally depleted – no grants at this time.  Her fundraising efforts with GoFundMe and Waggle were unsuccessful in providing much in the way of donations, but she’s committed to selling everything to pay for his care.  Fortunately, Boomer is covered by insurance, which contributes a significant amount toward his treatment. With help from the Pie Fund, his owner’s out-of-pocket costs were reduced to a manageable level.

We’re hoping Boomer continues to respond well to his treatments and that his remission continues giving him lots more time and love to share with his owner in the future!