Duke is a 7-year old boxer diagnosed with lymphoma.

He was originally treated for inflamed lymph nodes and initially improved after treatment with antibiotics and steroids, but months later when the lymph nodes returned a biopsy confirmed lymphoma.

Adopted at 4 months, Duke is truly a part of the family:  Duke goes on all trips (if Duke can’t go, they don’t go!), accompanies them 24/7 from room-to-room, sleeps in the bedroom, plays watchdog (strangers have to be properly introduced as “safe”), and enjoys family walks together.

Both of Duke’s owners were laid off from their jobs during the Coronavirus pandemic, and had already spent several thousand dollars treating Duke’s inflamed lymph nodes and the clinic visits leading up to his biopsy, so their savings were largely depleted.  The recommended treatment plan was sensitive to the family’s financial situation and offers a proven protocol that could potentially place Duke in remission.

The Pie Fund was nearly depleted when we connected with Duke’s owners.  We were successful in running a fundraiser on Facebook to raise money to be in a position to help, but the funds will only go so far.  Please consider a donation to the Pie Fund so we can continue our mission in providing funds to needy families faced with losing their well-loved dogs like Duke.  Make a donation now.