Kip - Thank You PhotoKip is a 4-year old Boston Terrier with multicentric lymphoma.

He was originally diagnosed with it in May 2021 and was put on the CHOP protocol of chemo treatments.  Kip did well and went into remission, but recently his owners learned the cancer has returned.

Kip has lived with his owners since he was 8 weeks old, so he’s really part of the family.  He’s helped family members get through some rough times when they were really down and out.  Kip travels with them everywhere – hikes, exercising, at the beach, family adventures.  His owners say “He’s everything to us, and we don’t want to give up on him.”

The family has spent a significant amount to date in covering his original treatments, plus diagnostic services and visits.  They just had a baby, and the pandemic has taken its toll on their income.

On top of the financial strain of more chemo treatments and the new baby, Kip’s owners are in the process of funding a new Boston Terrier Rescue organization, a sign of a big heart – not just for loving Kip, but wanting to help other needy animals.  Any money they can raise to help fund Kip’s treatments leaves more for the new rescue operation.

Kip’s first two treatments will be key to determining how well he’ll respond to his second round of chemo.  If results are promising, the plan is to continue the same protocol he followed earlier.  His owners are applying to several other funds for assistance.  In the meantime, the Pie Fund is glad to help with the initial treatments to determine if more are warranted.  He’s such a young dog, we’d love to see him go back into remission and continue providing his family with lots of love and good times together!