Marabelle is a 7-year old pit bull mix who was diagnosed with mast cells on her paw.

They were surgically removed with clean margins and found to be low grade, which was good news, but then mast cells were found in one of Marabelle’s lymph nodes. After a referral to an oncologist, the recommended treatment plan involved a series of nine chemo treatments once Marabelle recovered from the initial surgery.

Marabelle was adopted at about 18 months and it was love at first sight.  She’s always been very friendly and loves other dogs.  About six months after Marabelle joined her new family, they wanted another dog to keep her company during the day, so her owner brought Marabelle to the shelter to help screen the candidates, and she just clicked with her current “sister,” and now the two are inseparable.

The medical expenses for Marabelle’s initial diagnosis, surgery and upcoming chemo treatments proved too much for Marabelle’s owner to cover on her own, as these costs followed a Care Credit loan her owner used to cover expenses associated with Marabelle’s sister’s multiple ailments (bone removed after a leg infection resulting from neglect by previous owner, plus bad hips, thyroid issues, and more).

Many of the the funding organizations Marabelle’s owner tried were not able to help:  Either they are closed, only cover service dogs, or other conditions that Marabelle didn’t fit, but fortunately the Pie Fund was able to provide some assistance.  We’re hopeful that Marabelle will do well through the treatments and continue bringing love to her family for many more months to come.