Mia GroverMia is a 12-year old mixed breed chihuahua diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Given the options, Mia’s owner was told radiation, while more expensive, is the best treatment option for the dog’s condition.   Her tumor is of “usual size” and the clinic has had a great success rate with similar cases.

Mia was adopted from a shelter several years ago as a companion for the family’s older chihuahua-mix dog.   Mia loves walking and running outdoors.  Her owner tells us she cuddles a lot and gives the “best hugs.”  Says she’s a sweet girl and hates to see her going through this ordeal.

Her owner spent significant funds for bloodwork, tests and hospitalizations to the point where their savings were largely depleted by the time Mia’s treatment plan was presented.  One additional medical issue for Mia is that her tests also revealed she’s got Cushing Disease.  Treating the tumor is the priority before dealing with this disorder, but it will involve further medical management and related costs.

Mia’s owner has been very resourceful in securing grants from several pet charities, plus obtained a personal loan to help cover whatever costs couldn’t be raised on Mia’s behalf.  The grant from the Pie Fund was able to fill out the funds required for Mia’s 3-day radiation treatments, and we’re hoping Mia successfully responds and can be back playing and running outdoors again soon!