Molly is a 10-year old lab diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer.   After surgery Molly came through quite well and indications are good that she’s clear of the cancer.  The post-surgery treatment recommendation called for chemo once a week for four weeks, followed by six months of chemo every other week.

Because of Molly’s rare cancer diagnosis, the prognosis is that Molly can potentially gain about eight months if she completes the treatments.  While a more optimistic case would offer nearly twice the expected lifespan, the treatments still offer Molly and her family significantly more time together.

Unfortunately Molly’s owner was financially stretched.  In addition to the costs of Molly’s diagnosis and surgery, just before Molly’s lung cancer, the family lost another dog to cancer and had significant expenses treating Molly’s sibling.  But her owner is very determined to give Molly every chance she can.

Molly was rescued from a shelter that had her on death row.  Her previous owner neglected her, limited her to one room, without being allowed outside to exercise.  As a result, she was obese and couldn’t walk, which made her a bad candidate at the shelter for adoption.  Since she was adopted by her current owner, Molly’s been happy and generally healthy.  She’s able to walk, but still has some issues with mobility when trying to run because her legs didn’t fully heal properly.  Her owner now feels strongly that Molly’s overcome a lot and deserves the chance to continue living a good life.

The Pie Fund is glad that we were able to help with a modest grant, but wish it could have been larger.  There are so many needy dogs and their families to help and our funds are quite limited.  Please consider helping these wonderful dogs with a generous donation to the Pie Fund.