Peanut - FacePeanut is a three-year old Rottweiler diagnosed with lymphoma.

such a young dog to be facing a life or death situation!

The recommended treatment plan is 24 weeks of chemo at which point most dogs are expected to be in remission.  And we have great news:  After Peanut’s first treatment, she’s already in remission!  The doctor said if he didn’t know she’d been diagnosed before checking her, he wouldn’t necessarily see the cancer today.  Her lymph nodes are back to their normal size and her blood work is normal – amazing!  It’s the most positive response this early to the chemo that he’s seen to date.

The family has had Peanut since birth – she’s the puppy of one of their other four dogs, and they literally witnessed Peanut being born and knew right away that she would be special.  We would agree, it appears she’s definitely something special!

Peanut’s family contacted us just before we were forced to close the door for now on funding new candidates.  Given our low finances, we were only able to help Peanut with a modest grant.  If you’d like to donate to Peanut’s crowdfunding page, here’s the link.