Purity Head Shot - 1Purity is a six-year old Chihuahua/Boston terrier mix diagnosed with mast cell tumors.

The tumors were located in her hind leg and thigh area.  She had been diagnosed with Stage 3 tumors in these same areas a few years ago. At some point they disappeared, but then returned.  Medications were moderately successful shrinking them back, but surgery was recommended to fully remove them and help reduce the chance that the tumors would again return.

Purity’s family rescued her from a life of neglect; she was left out in the hot sun for hours each day and not even given a name by her previous owner.  Her new family gave her a name reflecting her “good and pure heart”, and she’s found a role as emotional support dog comforting ailing family members, and alerting her owner when her sibling fur mate is about to have a seizure.  Purity is said to have “saved her owner in so many ways, that we can not stand the thought of not getting her the care she deserves and needs so desperately to save her.”

As a single parent who is disabled, finding the funds to afford Purity’s surgery was difficult.  Time was of the essence, as the tumor could spread if not removed quickly.  We were glad to be able to help toward the costs, and are even happier to report Purity came through the surgery well and is currently recovering.

Please join us in sending warm healing wishes to Purity!