ReggieReggie was an 8 to 9-year old husky mix with a form of nasal cancer.

Following thousands of dollars spent on tests, X-rays and a biopsy, his owner could not afford to pay for the recommended plan for radiation treatment. For this reason, an alternative plan was put in place involving a new drug combined with chemotherapy. The Pie Fund was able to provide financial assistance for the first three months of treatment, allowing Reggie’s owner to recover financially from Reggie’s initial medical expenses, at which point he could resume payments through the end of Reggie’s therapy.

There was a strong bond between Reggie and his person‚ “Reggie was my angel on four paws…got me through some tough times…” Reggie’s treatments resulted in a good prognosis suggesting the opportunity to enjoy a good quality of life going forward. The positive results he experienced from the new drug lasted from the fall of 2009 through May of the following year. His owner says, “The treatments helped Reggie get the best out of the last few months of his life. When the Palladia worked it was fantastic, and I know (Reggie) got more happy, healthy time because of it.”