venus-smile-squareVenus is a 12-year old Rottweiler diagnosed with oral melanoma on her lip.

It started as a mole, then was removed after it began changing shape several months later.  The recommended treatment included surgery, radiation and a series of melanoma vaccines.
The required size of the surgical removal on Venus’ mouth was significant, and there were concerns about leaving her with a comfortable margin, but she came through the procedure like a trooper.  So well that the radiation was dropped from her plan.

Venus’ owner has a history of taking in stray dogs and cats, and adopted Venus after the dog’s initial owner – a good friend – experienced a major health issue, then suddenly passed away.  Knowing Venus might soon need a new home, the friend requested help with crate training, and soon Venus and her new owner bonded immediately.  In that time, it was clear Venus was a special dog and very intelligent, mastering potty training in just two days!

Venus’ family has been very resourceful covering the surgery costs and initial vaccines through a variety of sources, but needed assistance with the next stage of vaccines scheduled at six-month intervals and likely to continue throughout Venus’ life.  The Pie Fund was glad to be able to help buy the family more time to find additional funding and enjoy several months together between vaccine treatments.