Update on Venus

We had a heart warming note from Venus’ owner.  Venus is an older Rottweiler diagnosed with oral melanoma on her lip, requiring removing a sizable area of her mouth. Venus came through the major surgery like a trooper – even eliminating the “need for follow-up radiation.

After her family found the resources to cover the surgery, more funds were needed to help with the cost of ongoing twice-a-year vaccines.  The Pie Fund was able to assist with these expenses.  We recently received an email from Venus’ owner giving us an update on her status, and we wanted to share it:

“I just thought you would like to know Venus is still doing well. She has been getting her Melanoma vaccine every 6 months as recommended (at the clinic). They all love her there. She is so good for her blood work and chest X-rays and never needs sedation for them. 

She is also seeing the Sports Doctor there now as well. She has developed some neuropathy in her limbs due to an area on her c4 and c5 that has been causing some trouble. The doctor did an ultrasound guided steroid injection into that area several weeks ago and it made about a 90% difference and she is doing great again.

The X-rays they took in January did show the disease had metastasized to her lungs.  Follow up X-rays in March and then her next regular visit in July showed it was not just artifact. Despite it slowly growing she shows no sign of any effect on her. She does not cough, her appetite is great and she is her usual happy self. It’s all I can be thankful for.

I still have her this far out and she is doing better than was expected…Venus is so amazing. Nothing seems to stop her. She just keeps on going. 

I wanted to update you and the Pie Fund because I know you took a chance on her. She was a 12-year old Rottweiler with CANCER, yuck!  I have had 2 years of quality time that I know is borrowed…..we are still borrowing. I would do anything for her if it kept her happy.

I have to say thank you. Thank you for making the decision that day. I was reaching out to anywhere I could to help cover those expenses so I could give her the opportunity to live. I have had to continue reaching out and loading credit cards and working overtime, doing anything I can to be able to pay for her oncologist visits. Her last lab work 6/2018 was that of a dog half her age. the doctors can’t believe how she is still even here.  

So Thank You!!! So much! I know the time will eventually run out, but your fund had a part in why she is still here with me today 2 years later. I will just continue to be hopeful and thankful.

I can only hope for more people to donate to your fund so more fur babies can have as much time as I have been given. I tell her every day how special she is.  I truly can’t thank you enough!”

After reading Venus’ story, we hope you’ll make a donation to the Pie Fund.  We want to help create more happy stories for pets with cancer and their families like this one!