Candidate Information

We’re sorry, but The Pie Fund is currently depleted, and will not be able to assist new candidates until sufficient donations are received.

The Pie Fund serves dogs and their families in the states of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.

What follows is a general outline of the criteria used by the Pie Fund for selecting candidates for grants. However, we are a small organization and we strive to be flexible, responsive and pragmatic. Each candidate will be evaluated on an individual basis.

The Fund shares costs, we do not pay all costs.

  • We look for cases where the animal’s family has paid or will pay for some portion of testing, care or treatment. We need to see that the owner has made a serious effort to pay for treatment and is in danger of exhausting their resources.
  • We like to see that the clinic involved has reduced some charges, has helped explore payment options and has made an effort to find the best balance of care quality and cost of treatment.
  • The Fund then directly pays a pre-agreed amount for clinical care, pharmaceutical needs or specialists.

The grant must have a realistic chance of helping the pet and of benefiting the family.

  • Scarce funds must be used where there is a reasonable chance of making a real difference.
  • Priority will be given to animals that can potentially enjoy a good quality of life for some appreciable period of time.
  • We look for those special bonds where an animal’s well-being is of great importance to an individual or to a family.

We strive to be sensitive to the needs of each case and to make quick decisions.

  • We are a small organization, and decisions are made by people who care. There is no cumbersome bureaucratic process to slow us down.
  • When a grant is approved, payment is made directly to the care provider (clinic, pharmacy or specialist). Promised payments are made promptly.
  • Decisions will be made and answers provided as quickly as individual situations require.

Sometimes we can help reduce the cost of treatment.

  • With the guidance of a highly respected veterinarian on our board, sometimes it is possible to identify ways in which costs to the patient’s family can be lowered without compromising the effectiveness of treatment.
  • We usually ask that professionals assisting our group be allowed to speak directly with the doctors currently involved with a candidate’s care.

Pie Fund
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