2020 is a five-year old pit bull diagnosed with mass cell muscle tumors.

She was rescued as a puppy by her owner from a bad neighborhood in Los Angeles, where she was being abused. After the dog’s diagnosis in 2009, with help from other family members, 20’s owner was able to pay the thousands of dollars required for exams, tests and treatments to take 20 through the first six months of chemo, and the initial treatments were extremely effective in reducing the tumors.

However, 20 still required additional chemo, and the family had reached the limit of their ability to pay. The new cancer drug recommended for 20 was being supplied at no cost by the manufacturer, but fees for the oncologist, related lab work and expenses would cost thousands of dollars more.

If treatments could be continued, the oncologist gave 20 a very high chance of enjoying a good quality of life for at least another year. 20 and her owner have a special bond. He calls her his “Best Friend”‚ the sweetest dog ever.  With the Pie Fund’s help, 20’s treatments can continue for four to five months, at which point his family will have recovered enough to finance the remaining treatments in 2010. 20 and the caring owner who rescued her will be able to share more of the time they deserve together.