AtlasAtlas is an 8 year-old shepherd mix with anal sac adrenal carcinoma.

His family was able to cover the cost of surgery to remove his tumor, but they were having difficulty financing his necessary follow-up radiation treatments. With the help of a grant from the Pie Fund, the family was able to finance the balance through the Care Credit Program.

Atlas’s treatments required him to stay in residence at Cornell for an extended period. During that time, he totally charmed the staff who shared pictures of him sitting in on staff meetings and providing his input during rounds! He responded well to the treatments and returned home in April of 2009. His people say they have great plans for their “best friend and family member…all of them involve lots of hugs, open spaces, a few baths and time.” We’re told that Atlas is still doing well and thrilled to be romping in the snow and enjoying life.