DudleyDudley was a 6-year old miniature Schnauzer with Lymphoma.

He was diagnosed in March of 2008 and his owner spent thousands of dollars for his treatments. By the middle of December Dudley had just come out of remission and was in need of antibiotics and medication to help ease him through his last few weeks of care.

Dudley didn’t fit the standard profile for a Pie Fund candidate, as he was past the help of further medical treatments. But the Fund’s Board took into consideration the fact that his owner had already borne significant costs following his initial diagnosis, and if Dudley had been introduced a few months earlier he would have met the criteria for assistance.

By late 2008 his owner was at a point where the anticipated cost of on-going medical care for Dudley was more than she could manage, but she wanted to bring her “prince” home from Cornell Veterinary Hospital for the holidays so he could at least spend his final days among his loving family and his fuzzy friends.

Little Dudley turned out to be quite a fighter. He held on through mid-February of the following year. The Pie Fund was able to cover the cost of treating his secondary infections and other related medical visits that his owner could not have afforded after ‘s costly chemo treatments. She wrote to tell us, “I want you to know how much I appreciated your help so that he could be with me longer…you truly have been an Angel for Dudley and me.”