Emma is a 7-year old lab mix with lymphoma.

Abused at a young age (used as bait in dog fights), she was rescued from a shelter by a caring family who invested time and love to help Emma adjust to her new environment.

She started out being afraid that every movement would result in her being beaten – just seeing a broom or a newspaper made her run for cover.  But one day her owner was on the couch watching TV and Emma came up to him, looked him in the eye like she wasn’t sure what to expect, but seemed to accept at that moment that the beatings were over.  She hopped up on the couch for the first time and cuddled next to him with her head in his lap letting out a long sigh, and it’s been a loving environment ever since.  She’s now become the center of life for her owners.

Then, the worst news possible happened in October 2014 – Emma was diagnosed with lymphoma, and her owners’ lives seemed to stand still.

Fortunately, Emma’s case is treatable with a good prognosis.  After completing three of her planned sixteen chemo treatments, Emma is responding well and is reported in complete remission.

Her owners are very grateful to the Pie fund, saying “You guys are unbelievable !! Thank you so much. Not only for helping Emma, but for all you do for everyone.”