GregorGregor was a 12-year old shepherd mix former service dog diagnosed with lymphoma.

He spent most of his life assisting a blind person as a seeing eye dog. When Gregor retired from service, his new home was chosen from over 100 families who offered to adopt this gentle, aging dog based on an ad in the local Pennysaver.  Gregor, who’d worked so hard for over ten years and even continued to work after a mild stroke, finally learned to play and enjoy life as a pet instead of as a working dog on call 24 hours a day.

Then Gregor was diagnosed with lymphoma. His people, along with some help from another family member, were able to finance Gregor’s care through partial treatments that resulted in the complete remission of his cancer. But additional chemo was needed to improve Gregor’s chances of remaining cancer-free.

The Pie Fund enabled Gregor to continue his course of chemo for the full period recommended. Gregor’s treatments paid for by the Pie Fund commenced in March of 2007, and he passed away in November of that year. Gregor lived a good life throughout his treatment, and this wonderful dog who had worked so hard for others was able to spend additional time with his new family who absolutely adored him. Gregor was our first recipient, so his memory will always be special for us.