Haze is an eight-year old Rottweiler diagnosed with early-stage mouth cancer.

She was rescued as a puppy from the boyfriend of her owner’s friend who was abusing the dog. Now Haze is the “love of her life” – they do everything together and her owner, a student, was determined to do anything to give Haze the care she needs.

The surgery to remove Haze’s tumor was successful and no other part of Haze’s mouth or jaw had to be removed.  Her doctors think there’s little chance of the cancer spreading, but recommended follow up treatments to be cautious. After evaluating chemo vs. the vaccines, they settled on the vaccines as the best and most cost-efficient option.

While Haze’s owner was able to pull together the funds for her surgery, she needed assistance with the cost of the vaccines.   With help from the Pie Fund, along with friends and two crowdfunding sites, Haze’s treatment costs will be covered.

Haze is currently recovering well and receiving her follow-up vaccines.  Please join us in wishing her well!