Jake is an 8-year old boxer diagnosed with lymphoma.

He was originally put on prednisone therapy and told his time was limited. His owner decided to seek a second opinion from another clinic and they recommended a protocol of 19 treatments once a week for a total cost of $5,000.

After moving to a new state a few years ago, his owner couldn’t replicate her previous income, so she went back to school to study nursing.  Her savings went quickly, and the credit card debt accumulated in that period made it difficult for her to qualify for Care Credit services to help with Jake’s expenses, but she persevered.

Along with help from the Pie Fund, Jake’s owner obtained a grant from a local foundation, is fund raising through social media, having a garage sale and applying for as much overtime at her job as she can get.

Jake’s been with his current owner since he was a puppy – except for a 1.5 year gap when she was moving and Jake ran off from her hotel room.  A year and a half later, someone found Jake and located his family through his microchip.  His owner looks back on this time as a sign that Jake is a strong dog – lived that lost period on his own – and that gives her encouragement that he’ll get through this illness.

After his first three treatments, Jake is in remission and responding well to the drugs.  We’re hoping for Jake’s continued recovery!