img_2607Jet is an eleven-year old miniature schnauzer diagnosed with b-cell lymphoma.

Her owner noticed Jet’s swollen lymph nodes about 3 months prior to the diagnosis, but her vet wasn’t concerned – said it was related to the need for some dental work.

After the dental work, however, the swelling didn’t go away and Jet’s owner insisted the lymph nodes were getting larger.  Her vet, again, told her to wait, as they may go back down, but ran the tests which were in “inconclusive.”

Determined to keep looking for an answer to Jet’s symptoms, her owner located the closest clinic with an oncologist, and an additional test came back 94% positive for lymphoma.

Jet’s family has always had schnauzers.  She was adopted as a puppy after the family had been mourning the loss of an earlier pet.  Jet immediately displayed signs of being very smart (was housebroken in two days), and very loving.  When her owner was recovering from some serious surgery and health issues, Jet played a comforting role, sensing her mood and providing lots of affection.  His owner became quite emotional about the prospect of losing Jet, loving her so much, and not knowing what to do without her.

On disability for several years with no additional source of funds, paying for the recommended treatment plan for Jet – even with help from the clinic in keeping costs down – was difficult for Jet’s owner.  Fortunately, the Pie Fund was able to assist and we’re hopeful that the she’ll have a speedy recovery into remission.