Keebler is a 7.5-year old corgi who was diagnosed with canine lymphoma.

After completing a full round of chemo he went into remission pretty quickly, but fell out of remission three months later. A second round of chemo therapy was recommended.

Keebler was adopted by his current family at age 5 when his previous owner could no longer care for him. In no time Keebler became his new owner’s “four-legged son” and describes himself as “now wrapped around his little paw.” Keebler is truly family for his owners and they want to do all they can not to lose him.

Another fund helped pay for a portion of Keebler’s first round of chemo, but their policy won’t allow for an owner to reapply a second time.

The family used up a good portion of their savings with Keebler’s initial treatments, and needed assistance for the new chemo therapy. The Pie Fund was able to help with the second round, and we hope Keebler will again move quickly into remission and live out his normal lifespan with the family who loves him!