Mickey is a 13-year old Pomeranian diagnoseMickeyd with a cancerous nose tumor.

His treatment plan called for 18 to 22 rounds of radiation over a two-week period.  Fortunately the tumor hasn’t spread and Mickey’s prognosis is positive.

Mickey’s owner received the dog as a gift from her aunt when he was two months old.  She calls him “my best friend” and “my guardian angel” as he was always there for her, playing security guard protecting her and her babies over the years.  He’s like an older brother to her first son, and she believes he helped her sister’s dog live longer.  It’s clear he has a very special bond with this family.

By the time we heard from Mickey’s owner the family had already covered a significant portion of his radiation costs on deposit, plus all of the expenses associated with his diagnosis and testing.  With a new baby in the household, and his owner just returning from maternity leave, their savings were really stretched.

His owner contacted several animal welfare organizations before reaching the Pie Fund and learned their funds were all depleted.  But they were determined to find a way to pay for Mickey’s treatments, no matter what, we were told “They will fight for him!”

The Pie Fund is also largely depleted, but we were able to provide a grant that will cover two of Mickey’s rounds of radiation.  So far, he’s shown no signs of his illness, so we’re hoping the treatments will work fast enough to keep him from feeling the effects of the cancer and to maintain his role as the family’s guardian angel!