Mimi is an 11-year old cockapoo with lymphoma.

Once diagnosed, she was put on a protocol program and was very responsive, entering remission after her third treatment!

By the time we met Mimi, her owner had been successful in raising the funds to take the dog through the first twelve treatments.  They are now scheduled every two weeks with six more remaining.

When Mimi’s owner suffered from cancer herself a few years ago, Mimi was an important factor in her recovery (always by her side).  She rescued Mimi from a shelter when one of her sons was younger wanting a dog.  Mimi was in bad shape, with fleas and other issues.  Her sons grew up and left the house, and when it was just the two of them her owner decided Mimi needed company, so she rescued two Maltese mix dogs who became great friends and “brought her life” the past few years.  Mimi is her owner’s princess – she can’t bear losing her.  She’s determined to do whatever it takes to complete the treatments.

The Pie Fund was glad to help.  This case is a perfect example of how we like to participate:  The dog is responding positively to the treatments.  Her owner has expended a good portion of her own limited funds, plus has been very resourceful in raising money from other charities.  The clinic has also offered discounts to help Mimi qualify for some of these grants.  It’s been a good effort from all parties involved, and the result is working to extend Mimi’s quality of life with her loving owner.

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