Theo is a ten-year old mixed breed with a large mass on his hind leg.

The recommended treatment was amputation.  He is an otherwise healthy, spunky dog who was not yet feeling pain or hindered by the cancer.

His owner lost a few months time with one clinic not going deep enough with the initial biopsy.  By the time Theo was treated at another clinic, his owner had done extensive research on amputation surgeries, the chances for a dog Theo’s size to accommodate the loss of a leg, particularly given that it would be his hind leg.  The Tripawds Foundation was extremely helpful in addressing several lifestyle issues, as well as in providing financial assistance.

Theo’s owner has a history of animal advocacy and fundraising, and this time she was fortunate to be on the receiving end of the support.  In addition to the Pie Fund and the Tripawds Foundation, several other funds came to Theo’s aid.  In addition, the clinic contributed with a generous discount.

The Pie Fund learned of Theo’s surgery only a few days before it was scheduled, and was able to offer a grant just in time:  The tumor burst the morning of his procedure.  Any delay and Theo would not be with us today.

The good news is that Theo came through the surgery exceeding all expectations.  There were clean margins in pinpointing the tumor, and he was standing and able to get around well enough to be released ahead of schedule.  He’s now home and running in the snow.  His owner calls him her “Miracle Dog,” and we have to agree.  The Pie Fund is very happy to have played a part in bringing about this miracle!