Trudy is an 8-year old Border Collie mix with lymphoma.

She was diagnosed in March and went through the CHOP protocol.  She responded well to the chemo treatments placing her in remission, but more recently her symptoms returned and she was confirmed to be out of remission.  The clinic recommended a new treatment plan with a combination of different chemo drugs.  The oncologist believes she’s a good candidate given her initial positive response, and that the new drugs can potentially place her back into remission.

Trudy’s been with her family since she was nine months old.  Her owners weren’t able to have children and the dog is “their baby and a loving person, not just a dog.”  Her owners say they’ll go without everything to see her through the recommended treatments.

Trudy’s owners are both disabled on fixed incomes.  They were able to fund her initial cancer treatments by borrowing from family and paying what they could from their disability payments, but their limited funds only go so far.

The Pie Fund is glad to help, but wish we could do more!  Trudy’s owners are applying to other funds, and we’re hopeful they’ll find additional support.  In the meantime, we’ll do all we can to raise more funds and be in a position to help dogs like Trudy get another chance at a longer life with the people they love for months to come!  Please help with a donation to support our efforts.