Dying Dogs Need Your Support

The Pie Fund has helped dozens of pets and their owners extend their good times together.  And we want to continue with our mission, but the demand for assistance is exceeding our available funds.

As a result, we’ve been forced to limit our support to dogs with cancer to only those in our geographic area of NY, CT, and NJ.   That means we’re turning down candidates who qualify in every other way but for where they live, and that just isn’t right.   Many of these families have fallen on hard times with the difficult economy, but that doesn’t diminish their love and support for their wonderful dogs – they are determined to find creative ways to fund their recovery.  The Pie Fund plays a role in helping them gain access to the quality veterinary care that can change the outcome for their ailing pet.  These families need your help to save the dogs they love.

Please show your support for these loving, furry creatures who can be cured or placed into remission.  As the medical protocols improve, more dogs can be saved, but it takes your support.  Please donate today!