A Case for Pet Bereavement Leave

Owner & Dog HugWe recently found an article in the Wall Street Journal that brought up some very tearful memories.  The title is “A Sense of Loss That’s Hard to Explain to the Boss,” and its about the painful experience of losing a furry loved one when duty calls at the office – what do you do?

While pet lovers identify with their dogs and cats being an important part of the family, bosses and co-workers don’t always understand the sense of responsibility involved in caring for pets with serious ailments, the time required to take them back and forth to clinics for treatments, and the grief we feel when it’s time for them to leave us.

The article lists several pet-friendly employers, like Kimpton Hotels and pet food manufacturer Mars, Inc. who offer such benefits as pet insurance, bereavement leave, flex hours and work-at-home policies in these situations. While other employers are willing to consider individual cases, many pet owners are reluctant to open up about their grief, fearing peers and bosses won’t understand.

Warning:  This article may bring tears to your eyes as you read personal stories about owners and their last moments with their pets.  Keep a tissue handy…

Here’s the full story.